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Generate API documentation for your C# and VB .NET code

VSdocman uses special files called templates to generate its output. A template defines a format of the output. VSdocman comes with several predefined templates for generating:

  • MS Help Viewer - Microsoft help technology used in Visual Studio 2010 and higher and in MSDN; .mshc file. Suitable for integration with VS help or MSDN.
  • MS Help 2 - Microsoft help technology used in Visual Studio .NET and MSDN versions 2002 - 2008; .HxS file. Suitable for integration with VS help or MSDN.
  • CHM (HTML Help 1.x) - .CHM file suitable for general purpose help.
  • HTML - files with index, search and table of contents. Works even locally without a web server.
  • Docx - OOXML format used in MS Word. Suitable for printing and exporting to PDF.
  • PDF document suitable for printing.
  • XML which can be processed later by other tools

You can define your own template to customize the output. Simple macro language was developed to enable user to change output look.

Of course, you can customize the existing templates. Moreover, VSdocman uses special language files for output localization. There are several built-in languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew and others. You can easily add any other language just by editing a simple text file.


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A few years ago, we gave a test to several products to document our source code. We finally chose VSdocman mostly because it was easy to use, from within the development environment, making training of programmers useless. It provides flexible features which enables producing complete documentation for people using our products and also for internal use. When technical support is required (we needed this when switching to VS 2015), Peter answered our emails very quickly. After more than 3 years with VSdocman, we strongly recommend the product which is amazingly easier to use than SandCastle.

Pierrick Combreau, Product Manager, Quotalys Ltd

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