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VSdocman 11.2

Documentation generator for C# and VB .NET.

Companies and organizations

If you are a company or an organization, you need to purchase the commercial license(s). One license is required per developer who uses VSdocman. With this license, the developer can install the product on any machines, provided that the developer is the only or exclusive user of the software.

ID: 192000

Number of Licenses Price per License Discount
1 195 USD 169 EUR  
2 169 USD 149 EUR 13%
3 - 5 149 USD 132 EUR 23%
6 - 10 132 USD 115 EUR 32%

11 and more

(see also options below for more users)

122 USD 106 EUR 38%


For larger teams:


VSdocman (Site License)
ID: 300179673

for unlimited number of developers

2549 USD 2219 EUR  


Individual developers

You can purchase a license for your personal use if you are the only person who will use that license. You must be a physical person and you must purchase the software with your own funds only. Personal licenses are non-transferable, and they are not available to companies.

VSdocman (Personal License)
ID: 300658551

84 USD 73 EUR  


Registered users will get:

  • full perpetual product license
  • free email support for the period of one year
  • free updates within one year of any registered purchase
  • discounts on non-free upgrade


How the registration works

When you buy VSdocman license, you become a registered user. It is quick and easy. Usually, you will have the full version in a while. Sometimes it may take several hours.

Immediately after the payment is accepted you receive an e-mail with your registration code (license key). Download and install the trial version of VSdocman. In Visual Studio, open VSdocman main window and press REGISTER button to enter the code.


VSdocman renewal or upgrade from earlier versions

If you own version 8.0 or higher

Starting with VSdocman 8.0, you can install any new product version for free, provided that it was released before or within one year of your purchase. It doesn't matter if the new version is a major or just a minor update. All that matters is just the time period. The purchased registration key will work with those VSdocman versions. Then you can keep using the product forever.

However, the registration key will not work with those VSdocman versions that were released after one year after your purchase. In such a case, VSdocman will show you a message and it will switch to the trial mode. You can whether renew your license and get a new key for another year, or install a version released within the supported time period.

Your license status and the free update period is shown on the About dialog. You can open it by clicking the About button on the main VSdocman window.

If you own version 7.6 or earlier

You need to renew your license, if you want to use newer versions. If you don't want to upgrade, you can download the latest version of VSdocman which will work with your registration key.

How to renew

To renew your license for the latest vesion, you need to purchase a new registration key. The renewal price is only 40% of the full price. All registered users will receive a notification email with instructions how to get the discount. Or you can contact us to get the information.


You can buy our products in the following currencies: Euro, US dollar, British pound, Australian dollar, Japanese yen, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, Russian rouble, Brasilian real, Norwegian krone, Swedish krona, Polish zloty, Chinese renminbi yuan, Taiwan dollar, Indian rupee.

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