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VSdocman 7.1 released

We are glad to announce that the new version 7.1 of VSdocman has been released. VSdocman is a  Visual Studio tool for a quick commenting and automatic generation of technical documentation from your C# and VB .NET projects. For more information go to VSdocman home page .

This minor update adds some new features and improvements. You can download it from here. If you have installed VSdocman 6.8 or earlier, uninstall it before installing the version 7.1.

What's new in VSdocman version 7.1:

  1. NEW: Statistics of compiled topics (classes, methods, ...) is displayed when the compilation is finished.
  2. NEW: Added complete Chinese translation for generated documentation. Just select zh-CN as the language in the output options.
  3. NEW: You can specify the following additional frameworks to be listed as supported: .NET Framework Client Profile, Portable Class Library, .NET for Windows Store apps and Others.
  4. CHANGE: The CHM compiler that is used for compiling to CHM format is no longer bundled with VSdocman installer. The utility is a part of free HTML Help Workshop from Microsoft that you need to download and install. There's a chance that it is already installed on your system. Check your VSdocman Options - Miscellanous - Environment page.
  5. CHANGE: Improved Help&Manual output. Generated H&M project contained a lot of conditional text, especially due to HxS links. This caused very slow loading and compilation. Since HxS (VS 2005/2008 help format) is no longer used as a common format, all HxS links were converted to web links and the conditional text was removed. This means that, for example, in HxS documentation, the link to System.String now points to online MSDN instead of local MSDN. Large H&M projects are  much more reliable now.
  6. FIX: When the documentation title contained some Unicode characters (e.g. Chinese), then CHM compilation could fail on some systems, probably those with non-English OS.