The settings for every project are saved in a separate file located in the same directory as your project file (.vbproj, .csproj, ...) and named project_name.vsdoc. The solution settings are saved in the solution_name.sln.vsdoc file located in the same directory as your solution file (.sln).

You can change the project properties using the dialog window which can be invoked from Tools - VSdocman menu or by pressing VSdocman button on standard toolbar.


When VSdocman window appears, select the Project Properties pane. You can see and edit the properties for the active project. By default, the active project is the one that is selected in the Solution explorer.

If you have more than one profile, you can select a profile to be edited in Active solution profile or Project profile combo box. After finishing all the settings press OK button to accept changes or Cancel button to keep old settings.

Selecting the active project

When you open the window, the active project is the one that is selected in the Solution explorer. You can see the name of that project at the top of the right panel. All your editing and compilation is performed on this active project. To select another project as active, you don't need to close the window and select the desired project in the Solution explorer. Just click on the project name. A list of available projects will be displayed and you can select one.

In addition to normal projects, you can select also the Solution-wide properties. These properties don't belong to a real project but to the solution. They are used as common settings that will be optionally applied to each project during the Compile Solution to Single Documentation operation.

Copying project properties

You can copy the properties from one project to other project(s) or solution-wide properties. The selected properties from ALL profiles of the source project will be copied to the corresponding profiles of the target project(s). To copy the properties from the active project, press the Copy button under the Project Properties tree at the left.

In the first step, select which properties in project profiles will be copied.

Then select the destination projects.

When you press the Copy Properties button, the selected properties will be copied.


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