Documenting has never been so easy

We are glad to announce that the new VSdocman 9.3 has been released. VSdocman is a  Visual Studio tool for a quick commenting and automatic generation of technical documentation from your C# and VB .NET source code files. For more information go to VSdocman home page .

This minor update adds one new feature and fixes some problems. You can download it from here.

What's new in VSdocman version 9.3:

  1. NEW: You can generate a report file with detailed statistics about all documented projects. This is disabled by default, you can enable it in the Output - General options.
  2. CHANGE: Improved the html_msdn2019 output. Much faster search, especially when the documentation has more than 10000 topics. Force "whole words" mode in the full-text search even without the need to put the search phrase inside quotes, for more details, search for "searchAlwaysWholeWord" in the VSdocman manual. Improved customization with the vsdocman_overrides.css file.
  3. FIX: The comment editor window could be empty in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.1 and higher, if the editor is shown as a modeless tool window and not a modal window.
  4. FIX: When compiling documentation from command line with VSdocmanCmdLine.exe, a 'Could not load file or assembly EnvDTE' exception could occur.
  5. FIX: Application could crash when pasting a text copied from MS Word or Wordpad (and maybe some other applications too) into WYSIWYG comment editor.
  6. FIX: The following error could occur when generating a documentation: "1 is not a supported code page. Parameter name: codepage". This happened very rarely and only on systems with specific regional settings.
  7. FIX: In rare cases, "The registration code you entered is invalid" error could occur when you pasted the registration code from the formatted email that you received after your purchase of VSdocman.
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