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VSdocman 8.5 beta released

We are glad to announce that a new version 8.5 beta of VSdocman has been released. VSdocman is a  Visual Studio tool for a quick commenting and automatic generation of technical documentation from your C# and VB .NET projects. For more information go to VSdocman home page .

This minor update adds several new features, improvements and fixes several problems. You can download it from here.

What's new in VSdocman version 8.5 beta:

  1. NEW: Added new <inheritdoc> XML comment tag. In addition to the automatic comment inheritance, this tag will allow you to control the inheritance of XML comments more precisely. For example, you can inherit only some parts of the comment or override some tags in it.
  2. NEW: Added three new macros that you can use in the project properties to specify the output path, templates path and external files path. The new macros are: $(ProjectName), $(SolutionName) and $(ProfileName).
  3. NEW: Added the option to disable listing of extension methods on Members page. This option is on Code Members - Member Types options page.
  4. NEW: Allowed also VB variants as values of the langword attribute in the <see langword="..."/> tag, such as Nothing, True, False, Shared, MustInherit, NotInheritable, Overridable. Moreover, you can use any text as a langword and it will be displayed and not ignored as before.
  5. NEW: In the comment editor, a tooltip with details is displayed when you hover over a link or a langword, such as 'null'.
  6. IMPROVEMENT: Significantly improved the startup speed of the comment editor when it's launched for the first time in the session. This applies to most but not all cases. When you open the editor for the first time in the session for a particular project, it is almost instant if it's done for a member with an existing XML comment. If there is no comment and the "Try inherit" option is enabled in the comment templates, then there's still a delay for the first time. It's because VSdocman tries to inherit the comment from types from referenced external DLLs, which may take some time if there are many references in the project. All successive openings or updates of the editor should be instant.
  7. CHANGE: It's now possible to use incomplete type names or language specific type names (e.g. int) as parameters in <see> links. Previously you needed to specify fully qualified type names or omit the parameters. Now you can use <see cref="int.CompareTo(object)" />.
  8. CHANGE: The WYSIWYG comment editor no longer removes custom inline XML tags that are not supported by VSdocman. For example, you can have a text <span id="1">some text</span> inside your <summary> block and it will be kept untouched by the editor. This is especially useful for <inheritdoc> tags that may have be nested inside top level blocks, such as <summary> or <remarks>. Similarly, the editor will keep custom attributes in supported XML tags, for example <summary locale="en">.
  9. FIX: Generation of a PDF documentation failed for the "Compile Solution to Single Documentation" operation.
  10. FIX: If the cursor was placed on a field, a constant or a single line property, that had some trailing comment (e.g. 'int Field1;  //comment'), adding an XML comment or opening the comment editor was done for the parent class instead for the field.
  11. FIX: It was possible to select "Try to inherit from overridden member" in the comment template for constructors. This option was ignored and the comments for constructors were never inherited. So the option is removed now. It is still possible to inherit constructor comment with <inheritdoc/> comment tag.
  12. FIX: The generated text for a self-closed <see> link was incorrect, if the link pointed to an external method with arguments specified with full names, i.e. with dots in them. For example, <see cref="System.String.CompareTo(System.String)" /> was displayed as "String)" instead of "CompareTo(System.String)".