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VSdocman 8.4 released

We are glad to announce that a new version 8.4 of VSdocman has been released. VSdocman is a  Visual Studio tool for a quick commenting and automatic generation of technical documentation from your C# and VB .NET source code files. For more information go to VSdocman home page .

This minor update adds some new options and fixes one problem. You can download it from here.

What's new in VSdocman version 8.4:

  1. NEW: Added new supported platforms whose versions you can specify and display in the generated documentation. These are: .NET Core, .NET Standard, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Mac.
  2. NEW: You can now specify what value will be displayed for constants and enums in the generated documentation. For example, if you have a constant const int C = 2+2, you can display the evaluated expression result "4", as before. But this may be time consuming if you have hundreds of constants or enum items. So you can also choose to display the original expression "2+2" or nothing.
  3. CHANGE: The specified supported platforms (such as Windows 10) are no longer listed in generated html_msdn2017 and chm_msdn2017 output formats. Only the frameworks versions are listed. If you don't want to include the platforms in other output formats, just leave the "Platforms shown in documentation" field empty on the Output - Platforms & Frameworks page of project properties.
  4. FIX: Generation or registration of Docx, PDF, XML and MS Help Viewer output formats failed, if there was an invalid XML character used. This could happen for example in the syntax section. If you had a constant such as "const char ACK = (char)0x6;" then VSdocman generated the 0x6 ASCII character in the syntax section. This character is not allowed in the intermediate XML files.