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VSdocman 8.2 released

We are glad to announce that a new version 8.2 of VSdocman has been released. VSdocman is a  Visual Studio tool for a quick commenting and automatic generation of technical documentation from your C# and VB .NET source code files. For more information go to VSdocman home page .

This minor update adds one new feature and fixes some problems. You can download it from here.

What's new in VSdocman version 8.2:

  1. NEW: VSdocman XML comments can be inserted by typing triple /// or '''. This is disabled by default and can be enabled in VSdocman Options > Comments > General. When enabled, the VSdocman XML comments are inserted instead of the default Visual Studio XML comments when you type /// or '''.
  2. CHANGE: Removed the "Show $EOL$ as new line. Write new line as $EOL$" comment editor option. It has been obsolete for very long time.
  3. FIX: Installing VSdocman 8.x over an older version didn't uninstall the existing version in some cases. This happened, if there was an existing installation of VSdocman 7.6 or older and it was installed per user (Just me). The older versions allowed to be installed for "Just me" or "Everyone". If a previous version wasn't uninstalled, VSdocman didn't work correctly, for example the comment editor was empty, with just "aa" text.
  4. FIX: If VSdocman was opened while the solution was still loading, there could be some problems. VSdocman now waits until the solution is loaded.
  5. FIX: Missing comments were not inherited during compilation (whether from overridden or from implemented members) if "Compile Solution to Single Documentation" was executed.
  6. FIX: If there was a type (e.g. a class) that had no namespace, Visual Studio could crash during documentation compilation. This happened if a type was not inside namespace block in C#, or if it was not inside Namespace block in VB .NET and no Root namespace was defined at the project level. Such types are listed under <default> namespace now.
  7. FIX: If a type, e.g. a class, was excluded with <compilewhen> comment element, its members such as methods and properties were still included in the documentation. They were not available in TOC, but they could be visible in Index.
  8. FIX: If the cursor was on a field or a constant, but not directly on the field name, adding an XML comment or opening the comment editor was done for the parent class instead for the field.
  9. FIX: In the comment editor, when a link was pasted, unwanted <u> and <font color=...> tags were added for the link text.
  10. FIX: In the comment editor, when a link was pasted from outside, e.g. from a web page, it was not recognized as a link and only a plain text was created.