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VSdocman 6.0 released - with VS 2012 support

A new major version VSdocman 6.0 has been released. VSdocman is a  Visual Studio 2012/2010/2008/2005 add-in for a quick commenting and automatic generation of technical documentation from your VB .NET and C# source code files. For more information go to VSdocman home page .

This major update adds support for VS 2012, many new features and fixes some problems. You can download it from here.

What's new in VSdocman version 6.0:

  1. NEW: Support for VS 2012 and VS 2012 help system.
  2. NEW: Significantly improved speed and memory consumption.
  3. NEW: Improved look and behavior of WYSIWYG comment editor. For example, user can select colors for highlighting of editable regions, paste or drag&drop formatted HTML text including images, drag&drop image files, select editor font size and more.
  4. NEW: Added href attribute to <see> and <seealso> comment tags. This attribute is used for referencing external file or URL and it replaces old cref="^..." syntax. The old syntax is still supported but the comment editor will produce the new href syntax, for example <see href="">Helixoft</see>. The new href syntax is easier to read and doesn't cause VS warnings.
  5. NEW: Added support for definition terms in comment editor and generated documentation. A definition term is represented by a <term> XML comment tag  inside a <list>  tag and it is visually highlighted in documentation.
  6. NEW: Added $INHERITED-COMMENT-MEMBER-CREF$ macro for comment templates. For currently edited code member, this macro returns cref of the member from which a comment can be inherited. It may be overridden or implemented method, property or event.
  7. NEW: A list of namespaces is automatically appended to the end of a custom topic which contains namespaces, i.e. it contains namespaces placeholder as a sub-topic.
  8. NEW: During compilation, VSdocman reports wrong XML comments, i.e. comments that are not well-formed XML.
  9. CHANGE: No more support for VS .NET 2002 and 2003. VSdocman now supports only VS 2005 and higher.
  10. CHANGE: Removed old output templates for html, chm and help2 formats that had old VS 2002/2003 look.
  11. CHANGE: The main window and the "Select reference" dialog in comment editor are resizable now.
  12. CHANGE: The cref link to a type in the same project/solution but in different namespace doesn't have to be fully qualified anymore. VSdocman resolves the full name with using/Imports statements.
  13. CHANGE: The comment editor produces short link syntax without the text if possible. For example <see cref="System.String"/> and not <see cref="System.String">String</see>.
  14. CHANGE: No default comment (based on the comment templates used for commenting) is automatically added to non-commented code elements during compilation. This could cause incomplete text in documentation, for example unfinished "Gets or sets" phrase for properties. Inheriting of missing comments during compilation still works.
  15. CHANGE: Each topic shows its own unique URL in a browser if you view HTML output formats. This makes it even easier to share the links to particular topics.
  16. CHANGE: If you wish to distribute your documentation in MS Help Viewer format, you no longer need to edit a real path to helpcontentsetup.msha file in generated register_XY.bat script. The path will be retrieved automatically.
  17. FIX: A link with Overload: or O: prefix in <seealso> tag pointed to a random overloaded method instead of Overloads page. This worked fine with <see> tag.
  18. FIX: Links with constructed generic types didn't work, e.g. <see cref="List{String}"/>. Links with normal generic types worked fine, e.g. <see cref="List`1"/>.
  19. FIX: Sometimes, the link to implemented or inherited interface or class was broken in Syntax section. This could happen if the target (implemented or inherited interface or class) was defined in the same project/solution but in different namespace. Or the target was an external type and VSdocman didn't resolve its full name because sometimes it failed to read the using/Imports statements.
  20. FIX: In C#, if there were code elements with the same names but different case (e.g. method1 and Method1), only the first one was included in documentation.
  21. FIX: If there was a file with a space in its name in external files folder (e.g. "my picture.png"), then compiling a CHM format produced HHC5003 error. The reason was that the space was incorrectly escaped by %20 sequence in generated HHP file.
  22. FIX: If registration name contained Chinese or Arabic characters, the registration failed.
  23. FIX: Compilation warnings were not displayed when executing VSdocman from command line with VSdocmanCmdLine.exe.
  24. FIX: Very rarely, "The Visual Studio couldn't be found." error might appear when executing VSdocman from command line with VSdocmanCmdLine.exe.
  25. FIX: Links in class diagrams didn't work in some recent versions of Firefox.