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VSdocman 5.2 released

The new version 5.2 of VSdocman has been released. VSdocman is Visual Studio 2010/2008/2005/2002/2002 add-in for the quick commenting and automatic generation of technical documentation from your VB .NET and C# source code files. For more information go to VSdocman home page .

You can download version 5.2  (5.6 MB) from here.

What's new in VSdocman version 5.2:

  1. NEW: Missing XML comments are inherited also from implemented members, not only from overridden members.
  2. NEW: Added new <overloads> comment tag which allows to specify a summary, remarks and examples common to all overloads of a member. This information will appear on the Overloads topic page for the members.
  3. NEW: You can use the Overload: prefix in cref attribute of a link also for methods in current project. The link will point to overloads list page. Previously, this was only possible in links pointing to external methods (e.g. in .NET framework).
  4. NEW: You can use shorter O: prefix as an alternative to Overload: prefix in cref attribute of a link.
  5. NEW: Added Russian ru-RU localization.
  6. NEW: Added Thai th-TH localization.
  7. CHANGE: Improved listing of overloaded methods on Members page in MS Help Viewer format.
  8. CHANGE: By default, it's no longer possible to use macros from output templates directly in XML comments. Macros have the form: $MACRO-NAME$. If you wanted to use $ character, you had to escape it with $$. This is no longer necessary. If you still want to use macros in your comments, which is very unlikely, you can enable them manually in project properties. Just open .vsdoc file for the project and change value of "VBdocman_allowMacrosInComments" key from 0 to -1 (there is no GUI option).
  9. CHANGE: Significatly increased a speed of documentation compilation for large web site projects, when not all source code files are selected for compilation.
  10. FIX: When an interface inherited from more than one base interface, then inherited members only from the first base interface were listed. Members from other base interfaces were ignored.
  11. FIX: When a type implemented a generic interface, then its (and its members') syntax declaration was not generated correctly in some cases.
  12. FIX: Sometimes there was an error when registering the help in MS Help Viewer format. One case was when the constants were included in a documentation. Another case was, if project or solution name contained a dot. Then the file name of generated OUTPUT_FILE.mshc file contained more than one dot. This is not allowed due to a limitation of MS Help Viewer 1.0 format. The name is escaped now.
  13. FIX: The <see ...> links pointing to enumeration items caused "Not found" error. Since there is no separate help page for each enumeration item, such link is transformed to plain bold text now.
  14. FIX: Some incomplete links in the form <see cref="Method(parameters)" /> pointing to method in current class didn't work.
  15. FIX: Attributes of C# enum items were ignored (e.g. in regex filters).
  16. FIX: Generating documentation for large web site project (not web application) in VS 2010 caused VSdocman crash.
  17. FIX: In HTML and CHM documentation format, links to some classes (e.g. Hashtable) in web MSDN documentation didn't work.
  18. FIX: Links to referenced external types that are not a part of .NET framework (e.g. third-party controls) are no longer generated. Only the plain text is generated now. This feature worked only for methods and properties, not for classes and interfaces. If you still want to generate the links, you can set it manually in project properties. Just open .vsdoc file for the project and change value of "VBdocman_linkForExternalNotInFramework" key from 0 to -1 (there is no GUI option).
  19. FIX: When generating documentation in HTML format, some files contained the + character. This could cause problems on IIS7 web sites.
  20. FIX: HelixoftHelpReg.exe and HelixoftHelpRegQ.exe utility didn't register F1 help in CHM format for VS 2008. Other help formats and other VS versions worked fine.