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Discounted diagrams, icons and shapes

We are glad to announce a partnership with infoDiagram - a maker of pre-designed slides, diagrams, icons and other graphics. You can perfectly use the graphics from their portfolio in your documentation or presentations. Especially in the introductory topics that describe functionality of a component. A simple picture is better than a long description.

VSdocman infodiagram

You can find many visual sets at infoDiagram that you can use. Those especially interesting for you could be IT related icons:

Or something for team leaders (Scrum, Kanban, SWOT, ...):

For our clients (VSdocman and VBdocman), we have arranged a 15% discount on any package. If you are interested, just contact us with your order number or registration key and we'll send you a discount coupon code. This offer is time limited and expires on May 2nd 2014.