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New blog about VS extensibility

Carlos Quintero of MZ-Tools has started his blog subtitled as Visual Studio Extensibility: macros, add-ins, SDK packages. You may already know Carlos from several newsgroups related to VS extensibility
MSDN: Visual Studio Extensibility.

Or from vsnetaddin group which discusses how to write Visual Studio.NET add-ins, wizards, and macros using the IDE automation model and VSIP interfaces.

Or you have seen his great set of articles for add-in developers on his site.

And of course, almost every VS user knows his MZ-Tools add-in.

# Karteek 2008-01-22 19:58
Hi All,

Can anyone help me figure out the namespace given a class name. Say for instance I have an object of type Thread. how can I retrieve the namespace or the assembly of that class Thread.

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