Your generated documentation can be localized to any language. That means that all titles, headings and common texts are translated, e.g. "See Also", "Properties", etc. You can select the language of the output in the output options.

There is already a predefined set of languages which you can directly use. If your language is not supported, you can easily add it. All translated texts are placed in a small text file, one for each language. This file is named LOCALE_NAME.txt and must be placed in localizations folder under your template folder. The LOCALE_NAME is standard locale name, e.g. en-US or de-DE. You can find a list of all locales in _locales.txt file in localizations folder. VSdocman will automatically find this file and will offer the new language in the output options.

So to add a new language you need to create a copy of en-US.txt file and give it a proper name. Then you can open it in any text editor and translate the texts. The file format is very simple and is described below. Note, the file must be UTF-8 encoded! After you save the file you can immediately use the new language.

File format

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