The <include> tag lets you refer to comments in another file that describe the types and members in your source code. This is an alternative to placing documentation comments directly in your source code file. By putting the documentation in a separate file, you can apply source control to the documentation separately from the source code. One person can work on the source code file and someone else can work on the documentation file.

The <include> tag uses the XML XPath syntax. Refer to XPath documentation for ways to customize your <include> use. This is a top-level tag.


<include file="filename" path="tagpath[@name='id']" />



The name of the XML file containing the documentation. The file name can be qualified with a path.


The path of the tags in filename that leads to the tag name.


The name specifier (attribute) in the tag that precedes the comments; name will have an id.


The ID for the tag that precedes the comments. It should be a member full identifier in cref syntax.



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