You can list your namespaces anywhere in your TOC structure using namespace placeholders in the custom topics. By default, the namespaces listed in the generated TOC are shown with their full names.

Here is an example of such TOC:

Help Title
  Helixoft.Documentation.VSdocman Namespace
  Helixoft.Documentation.VSdocman.Core Namespace
  Helixoft.Documentation.VSdocman.Compilation Namespace
  Helixoft.Documentation.VSdocman.Utils Namespace

Sometimes, however, you may wish to display only the short names (just the last name part and without the "Namespace" word), especially if all your namespaces share the same long prefix. You can do it with the setting in the project properties, not accessible from VSdocman GUI. Just open the .vsdoc file for the project or solution in a text editor and change the value of the VBdocman_ListNamespacesWithShortNames key from 0 to -1.

The previous TOC will then look as follows:

Help Title

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