VSdocman has an intelligent mechanism for inserting comments. Depending on code element name or type, you can easily insert predefined default comment. For example, the "Gets or sets a value indicating whether ..." summary text is automatically generated for boolean properties. This is controlled by comment templates which are fully customizable by user. There are some predefined templates for the most common cases.

Go to Tools - VSdocman menu or press VSdocman button on standard toolbar. VSdocman dialog appears, select Options pane. Set Comment Templates page.

When a user clicks right mouse button on the code window, the pop-up menu appears. Menu contains Add XML Comment item which automatically adds the comment to selected member. User can preset how the default comment should look like. These options are also applied when creating comments with Comment editor.

Each code element type has its own template, e.g. methods, properties, etc. Moreover, you can define the templates for parameters. To edit a template, select code element type on the left and edit its template on the right.

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