Where can I download CHM compiler (hhc.exe)?

CHM format (HTML Help 1) is a standard and very popular help format present on Windows platforms. To create a CHM file, you need the free CHM compiler utility called hhc.exe. This simple command line tool is used by VSdocman when you compile documentation to CHM output format. The utility is a part of free HTML Help Workshop from Microsoft. If you have Visual Studio installed, you probably will not need to install it, see Note 1 below.

You can see whether the hhc.exe is available in VSdocman preferences. In VSdocman window, select Options pane, then set Miscellanous - Environment page. If the Path to CHM compiler hhc.exe fields is empty even after clicking the Auto-find button, you need to download and install it. After the installation, click the Auto-find button again, it should find the hhc.exe.

Download HTML Help Workshop

Note 1:
Starting with VS 2012, the Visual Studio installer automatically installs a minimalistic version of HTML Help Workshop. VSdocman will find it and you don't need to install anything. It may however happen, that during the compilation you'll get the following error:
HHC6003: Error: The file Itircl.dll has not been registered correctly.
The best way to fix it is to download and install the HTML Help Workshop.

Note 2:
After installing HTML Help Workshop the "This computer already has a newer version of HTML Help" message will be displayed. You can ignore it. This is only a warning that CHM runtime (responsible for displaying CHM files) on your computer is current and therefore newer than the one in HTML Help Workshop.

Note 3:
In VSdocman 7.0 and earlier, the CHM compiler was bundled with VSdocman. Starting with VSdocman 7.1 you need to install the HTML Help Workshop separately, if needed.


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