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Documentation generator for C# and VB .NET.

Companies and organizations

If you are a company or an organization, you need to purchase the commercial license(s). One license is required per developer who uses VSdocman. With this license, the developer can install the product on any machines, provided that the developer is the only or exclusive user of the software.

ID: 192000

Number of Licenses Price per License Discount
1 229 USD 199 EUR  
2 199 USD 175 EUR 13%
3 - 5 175 USD 155 EUR 23%
6 - 10 155 USD 135 EUR 32%

11 and more

(see also options below for more users)

143 USD 125 EUR 38%


For larger teams:


VSdocman (Team License)
ID: 300032168

valid for up to 20 developers

1725 USD 1500 EUR  

VSdocman (Site License)
ID: 300179673

for unlimited number of developers

2999 USD 2610 EUR  


Individual developers

You can purchase a license for your personal use if you are the only person who will use that license. You must be a physical person and you must purchase the software with your own funds only. Personal licenses are non-transferable, and they are not available to companies.

VSdocman (Personal License)
ID: 300658551

99 USD 86 EUR  


Registered users will get:

  • full perpetual product license
  • free email support for the period of one year
  • free updates within one year of any registered purchase
  • discounts on non-free upgrade


How the registration works

When you buy VSdocman license, you become a registered user. It is quick and easy. Usually, you will have the full version in a while. Sometimes it may take several hours.

Immediately after the payment is accepted you receive an e-mail with your registration code (license key). Download and install the trial version of VSdocman. In Visual Studio, open VSdocman main window and press REGISTER button to enter the code.


VSdocman renewal or upgrade from earlier versions

If you own version 8.0 or higher

Starting with VSdocman 8.0, you can install any new product version for free, provided that it was released before or within one year of your purchase. It doesn't matter if the new version is a major or just a minor update. All that matters is just the time period. The purchased registration key will work with those VSdocman versions. Then you can keep using the product forever.

However, the registration key will not work with those VSdocman versions that were released after one year after your purchase. In such a case, VSdocman will show you a message and it will switch to the trial mode. You can whether renew your license and get a new key for another year, or install a version released within the supported time period.

Your license status and the free update period is shown on the About dialog. You can open it by clicking the About button on the main VSdocman window.

If you own version 7.6 or earlier

You need to renew your license, if you want to use newer versions. If you don't want to upgrade, you can download the latest version of VSdocman which will work with your registration key.

How to renew

To renew your license for the latest vesion, you need to purchase a new registration key. The renewal price is only 40% of the full price. All registered users will receive a notification email with instructions how to get the discount. Or you can contact us to get the information.


You can buy our products in the following currencies: Euro, US dollar, British pound, Australian dollar, Japanese yen, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, Russian rouble, Brasilian real, Norwegian krone, Swedish krona, Polish zloty, Chinese renminbi yuan, Taiwan dollar, Indian rupee.

We use Share-it for registration and order processing. Share-it is well-known, leading software commerce service. For further information regarding your order visit Share-it Customer Care Center.

Older VSdocman Versions

If your registration key is no longer valid for the current version, you have two options:

  1. You can upgrade (renew)  to the latest version.
  2. If you don't want to upgrade, you can download the latest version of VSdocman which will work with your registration key.

Below is the download archive of the previous releases. For detailed information see also VSdocman release history.

Release date Version
2020 Jan 14 VSdocman 9.5
2019 Oct 28 VSdocman 9.4
2019 Sep 7 VSdocman 9.3
2019 Jun 26 VSdocman 9.2
2019 Apr 30 VSdocman 9.1
2019 Apr 24 VSdocman 9.0
2018 Oct 2 VSdocman 8.6
2018 Jul 8 VSdocman 8.5.2
2018 Jun 25 VSdocman 8.5
2018 Jan 11 VSdocman 8.4
2017 Dec 12 VSdocman 8.3
2017 Jul 12 VSdocman 8.2
2017 May 16 VSdocman 8.1
2017 Feb 27 VSdocman 8.0

Versions 7.6 and earlier

If you have registered a major version of VSdocman older than 7.0, your registration key will not work with a newer version. Your registration key is only valid for one major version. If you for example purchased version 6.x, the key will not work with version 7.x.

Commenting Source Code

VSdocman can generate documentation even without any additional comments in the source code. All Methods, Properties, Events and other links are generated properly and parameters descriptions and other sections are also included.

However, it is good to include additional descriptions directly into the source code. It is done by adding standard XML comments which VSdocman understands in both C# and VB .NET.

Commenting is based on tags that are included in your comments.

For example

/// <summary>This is my method.</summary>
/// <remarks>This is a remarks section</remarks>
void MyMethod()

Automatic Addition of Comment

User can write all that comment manually but he is not required to do so. VSdocman can do that automatically. VSdocman has an intelligent mechanism for inserting comments. Depending on code element name or type, you can easily insert predefined default comment. For example, the "Gets or sets a value indicating whether ..." summary text is automatically generated for boolean properties. This is controlled by comment templates which are fully customizable by user. There are some predefined templates for the most common cases.

When user clicks right mouse button on the code window, the pop-up menu appears. Menu contains Add XML Comment, Comment Editor and Add Description Attribute items which perform the following actions:

  1. Add XML Comment automatically adds the default XML comment to the current member. User can preset how the default comment should look like.

    Adding default customizable XML comment
  2. Comment Editor invokes the WYSIWYG Comment editor for selected member. This is useful when creating complicated documentation including cross-references, pictures, tables and others. Comment editor provides a user-friendly graphical way for editing the comments.

    WYSIWYG comment editor
  3. Add Description Attribute automatically adds the Description attribute to the current member. Short property description in Properties Window must be defined with System.ComponentModel.Description attribute.

    Description attribute

Generating Documentation

Here is an example how to generate documentation for your VB .NET or C# project in a few seconds in the easiest case.
After installation, VSdocman button appears in the Tools menu and on the standard toolbar as well.

VSdocman has its item in Tools menu. VSdocman has its button on standard toolbar.

This button invokes main VSdocman window where you can set various settings.

Compile options

Press Compile Project button on Compile pane. Compilation progress dialog appears and some log messages are printed in it.

Log messages during generating of documentation

You can then test generated documentation by pressing the Show Documentation button.

Context Help

There are three types of context-sensitive help:

  1. Whole topic is shown when you point to some member in source code or Object Browser and press F1.
  2. Quick summary is shown in IntelliSense and Object Browser.
  3. Short property description is shown in Properties Window.

F1 Context help

To see Visual Studio dynamic help integration including context-sensitive help, go to the code editor and select expression with some method, property or other documented member. If you press F1, the proper topic should appear.

You can also press F1 on a member in Object Browser to invoke the help topic.

IntelliSense and Object Browser Quick Info

If you create a project with reference to your DLL and you use methods or properties from that DLL, IntelliSense in Visual Studio automatically shows their description and description of parameters as you write them. Description of a method or a property is taken from their <summary> tag in comments.

IntelliSense auto-completion


IntelliSense description

You can see the summary information in Object Browser as well.

Your API description in Object Browser

Property Description in Properties Window

When you select any property of a control or a component in Properties Window, you can see a short description.

Description in Properties Window

This description is not extracted from your comments but from Description attribute of your property. So if you wish to display this info you need to define Description attribute:

[System.ComponentModel.Description("Indicates button state.")]
public bool Pushed

VSdocman offers an easy way to do it through context menu.


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A few years ago, we gave a test to several products to document our source code. We finally chose VSdocman mostly because it was easy to use, from within the development environment, making training of programmers useless. It provides flexible features which enables producing complete documentation for people using our products and also for internal use. When technical support is required (we needed this when switching to VS 2015), Peter answered our emails very quickly. After more than 3 years with VSdocman, we strongly recommend the product which is amazingly easier to use than SandCastle.

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