SampleClassLibrary Namespace

This is main namespace. See an example of a class diagram in the Remarks.
Name Description
Public class ClassWithGenericMethods A non-generic class with generic methods.
Public class DependencyAndAttachedProps This class serves as a container for demonstrating dependency and attached properties.
Public class GenericClass2<T> A simple generic class (unbound generic type).
Public class GenericClass<T1, T2> More complicated generic class (unbound generic type with constraint) with generic methods. It is used to demonstrate how to create cref links for generic members.
Public class MainClass The main class of SampleClassLibrary.
Public class TextChangedEventArgs Provides data for the MainClass.TextChanged event.
Name Description
Public interface ISampleInterface Example of an interface.
Name Description
Public structure GeneralInfo Represents information about any object.
Name Description
Public enumeration SampleEnum Sample enumeration.

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System.String CONSTANT_1 CONSTANT_2 EmptyInstance InternalField Info SelectedValue Text GetEnumerator() Method1(System.Int32) Method1(System.String) Method1<T>(System.Int32[], System.String) operator +(SampleClassLibrary.MainClass, SampleClassLibrary.MainClass) TextChanged SampleClassLibrary.MainClass.NestedException SampleClassLibrary.MainClass SampleClassLibrary.SampleEnum

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