VSdocman provides a mechanism for developers to document their code using XML comments. In source code files, lines that begin with ''' in VB or /// in C# (or other user defined prefix) and that precede a user-defined type such as a class, delegate, or interface; a member such as a field, event, property, or method; or a namespace declaration can be processed as comments and placed in a file.


Code Discussion

XML documentation starts with ''', /// or other user defined prefix. Processing of these comments has some restrictions:

The documentation must be a well-formed XML. If the XML is not well-formed, VSdocman may generate an incorrect output. You can easily test your comments by launching comment editor. If everything looks fine in editor, it should look fine in the final documentation as well.

Developers are free to create their own set of tags. There is a built-in set of tags (see Comment Tags).


Remember that XML comments must be a well-formed XML. Therefore some characters cannot be used in an attribute or a tag value. Those characters often appear in the source code so you have to be careful especially when using <code> or <c> tags. You must escape the following characters:


Escape sequence

quote (")


apostrophe (')


ampersand (&)


less than (<)


greater than (>)


The safest way to enter these characters is to use VSdocman WYSIWYG comment editor.

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