There is no topic generated or only some topics are created in resulting documentation, when compiling project.


VSdocman can create topics for all supported members in a source code (classes, properties, methods, events, ...). User can define which of them are to be included and which not, using Compiling options dialog.

Only members commented with XML comments are included, if Compile also non-commented members check box is unchecked. Therefore, trying VSdocman with your project which is not commented with XML comment results in documentation with no topics.

In addition, only those types of members appear in documentation which are checked in the options.

Moreover, as the last filter, only those files from your project are processed which are checked in the options dialog.


Check Compile also non-commented members option in Compiling options dialog when you want to include all selected members. All members commented with VSdocman comments will use them in the documentation. For all other members there will be a default temporary documentation automatically generated and used. This documentation will not be written in the source code.

All types of members that you want to appear in documentation should be checked in the options.

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