VSdocman is a tool for commenting and a quick automatic generation of class documentation from your C# and VB .NET source code files. It is ideal tool for you if you create a class library such as .NET component, control, application, smart device or web site (ASP .NET) projects.

VSdocman parses C# and Visual Basic .NET projects and automatically creates MSDN-like documentation with a table of contents, index, topics, cross-references, IntelliSense and F1 context sensitive help.

With VSdocman you can:

Add, edit and consume XML comments in your source code.

Take advantage of its sophisticated WYSIWYG comment editor which helps you write your XML comments.

Easily insert tables, lists, pictures, links, class diagrams and other formatting directly in your source code.

Generate professional documentation in multiple and localizable output formats - HTML, CHM, Docx, MS Help Viewer (help for VS 2010 and higher), Help2 (help for VS 2002-2008), XML.

Fully integrate generated help into VS help system.

Generate documentation in command line mode.

Easily deploy MS Help Viewer and Help2 documentation to target computers using accompanied royalty-free command-line utility.

VSdocman works as an extension with MS Visual Studio 2019 / 2017 / 2015 / 2013. You will get your API reference with just a single mouse click. In large projects, VSdocman will save many days of boring tedious work.

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