Sometimes you may want to insert your own external files in your documentation, e.g. images, CSS files, your own HTML topic files, etc. You can create a special folder where you place all those files. You specify this folder in VSdocman options. When VSdocman generates documentation, whole content of that folder is copied in the output folder and all files are also embedded in compiled MSHC, CHM or Help2 documentation.

You can reference your external files directly in your XML comments using for example <see> or <img> tags. Since the files including all subfolders are copied in the output folder, you can use relative paths.



External files must be distributed together with documentation file as well, except for Docx, MS Help Viewer (MSHC), HTML Help (CHM) and Help 2 (HxS) formats. These formats contain all files packed in their file so you do not need to distribute them separately.

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