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VSdocman logoWe have some good news here at Helixoft. We have released new major version 4.0 of our VSdocman. VSdocman is Visual Studio .NET 2002/2003/2005/2008 add-in for the quick commenting and automatic generation of class documentation from your VB .NET and C# source code files, including ASP .NET. We are quite excited about this new version. It has completely new look and many features. You can download the version 4.0 (4.5 MB) from What's new in VSdocman version 4.0:

  1. NEW: Completely reorganized main window with new fresh look. Settings that are common to all projects were moved from project properties to global options.
  2. NEW: Improved WYSIWYG comment editor - new look, nicer highlighting of editable sections, TAB key is used to move between editable sections, improved selecting, deleting and pasting of text blocks.
  3. NEW: Flexible and intelligent templates for inserting XML comments. There are predefined rules which automatically fill <summary> and other values with standard text. For example, the following sentence is generated for constructor: "Initializes a new instance of the <CLASS-NAME-AND-LINK> class". You can define any number of your own rules. Moreover, when inserting comment, VSdocman can inherit comment from overridden member.
  4. NEW: Added Help & Manual output format. VSdocman supports complete integration with Help & Manual now. It is possible to create any TOC structure and additional non-API topics such as overview, license info, use cases, etc. Moreover, with H&M you can generate some other output formats, e.g. PDF.
  5. NEW: In addition to inherited members from project/solution, also inherited members from .NET framework classes are shown in Members list. For example, ToString, GetType and other methods are automatically listed. This is especially useful for documenting user controls where all inherited properties, methods and events are listed.
  6. NEW: Missing XML comments in overridden members are automatically inherited also from .NET framework classes, not only from project classes. For example, if your class inherits from System.Object and it overrides ToString() method and it has no XML comments, then comments from System.Object are automatically used.
  7. NEW: You can set your own documentation title. It is used in help window title, TOC, topic headers, etc.
  8. NEW: You can set language for code examples with lang attribute. You can use <code lang="C#"> and <code lang="VB">.
  9. NEW: You can set sort order for enumeration items - by name, by value or unsorted.
  10. NEW: Added <include> comment tag which allows referencing XML comments in external files.
  11. NEW: Highlighted code syntax in chm_msdn2, html_msdn2 and help_msdn2 otput formats.
  12. CHANGE: Significantly improved chm_msdn2 and html_msdn2 output - new look of the latest MSDN, language filter with persisted language settings. Moreover, the links to framework members are always working in chm_msdn2 output. Depending on installed MSDN version on end user's computer, the links point either to the latest local MSDN or online MSDN.
  13. CHANGE: Title page text can be formatted with XML documentation tags such as <para>, <b>, <img>, etc.
  14. CHANGE: The XML documentation file is generated also for Web Site projects.
  15. FIX: The "List inherited members" option on Compile - Members page was not saved.
  16. FIX: No more "Dead link…" warnings when <see> or <seealso> tags pointed to .NET framework members.
  17. FIX: Incorrect displaying of national (e.g. Russian) characters in Index and Search results in CHM outputs.


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