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Many people reported that they miss configuration manager drop-down list (Debug/Release) in their VS 2005.

Debug/Release Menu

I observed that this happens mostly when you apply VB settings to your IDE. I experienced the same problem. I don't know why guys at Microsoft think that VB programmers don't need configuration manager.

You can however get your drop-down list back:

  1. UPDATE 24. Apr. 2007: Before going to next steps, try the tip from the first response below. This should solve the problem in most cases. If not, continue with the following steps.
  2. Go to menu Tools - Customize... (or right-click on any toolbar and Customize...)
  3. Switch to Commands tab.
  4. Select Build under Categories.
  5. Select Solution Configurations under Commands.
  6. Drag and drop it on the toolbar where you wish this drop down list to appear.

    Dragging Configurations List

Some users reported that after placing the list on the toolbar it remains disabled. I couldn't reproduced it but they suggested to reset your VS settings:

  1. Go to menu Tools - Import and Export Settings...
  2. Select Reset all settings. Follow the wizard and select Visual Basic Development Settings.

Please remember that this may destroy some of your VS customizations.


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