• All in one code documenting solution
  • Create and edit XML comments
  • Author additional topics
  • Generate documentation, F1 and IntelliSense help
  • Everything directly in Visual Studio


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  • Generate MSDN-like documentation for your C# and VB projects
  • Create F1 and IntelliSense tooltip help


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  • Create and view complex XML doc comments in WYSIWYG editor directly in Visual Studio


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Documenting has never been so easy

If your registration key is no longer valid for the current version, you have two options:

  1. You can upgrade (renew)  to the latest version.
  2. If you don't want to upgrade, you can download the latest version of VSdocman which will work with your registration key.

Below is the download archive of the previous releases. For detailed information see also VSdocman release history.

Release date Version
2022 Jan 26 VSdocman 11.2
2021 Dec 23 VSdocman 11.1
2021 Dec 18 VSdocman 11.0
2021 Mar 30 VSdocman 10.0
2020 Oct 30 VSdocman 9.10
2020 Sep 25 VSdocman 9.9
2020 Sep 21 VSdocman 9.8
2020 Jun 18 VSdocman 9.7
2020 Jun 9 VSdocman 9.6
2020 Jan 14 VSdocman 9.5
2019 Oct 28 VSdocman 9.4
2019 Sep 7 VSdocman 9.3
2019 Jun 26 VSdocman 9.2
2019 Apr 30 VSdocman 9.1
2019 Apr 24 VSdocman 9.0
2018 Oct 2 VSdocman 8.6
2018 Jul 8 VSdocman 8.5.2
2018 Jun 25 VSdocman 8.5
2018 Jan 11 VSdocman 8.4
2017 Dec 12 VSdocman 8.3
2017 Jul 12 VSdocman 8.2
2017 May 16 VSdocman 8.1
2017 Feb 27 VSdocman 8.0

Versions 7.6 and earlier

If you have registered a major version of VSdocman older than 8.0, your registration key will not work with a newer version. Your registration key is only valid for one major version. If you for example purchased version 6.x, the key will not work with version 7.x.

Code Commenter and Generator of Class Documentation for C# and VB .NET

Generate documentation for your .NET code on professional level. See how easy the commenting can be with powerful comment templates and sophisticated WYSIWYG comment editor.

Create MSDN-like assembly documentation, IntelliSense and F1 context sensitive help for your C# and Visual Basic .NET projects (including ASP .NET).

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