Where can I download HxComp.exe?

HxComp.exe is a MS Help2 compiler from Microsoft. Here are the links where you can download it.

  • VS 2010 doesn't use MS Help2  format so there is no Help2 compiler available for it. Starting with VS 2010, the new MS Help Viewer format is used for the help. If you still want to compile your help in MS Help2 format (HxS), you need to find computer with older version of VS and follow the instructions below.

For VS 2008 and VS 2005 it is a part of Visual Studio SDK (formerly the VSIP SDK) which contains the Help 2 SDK.

  • For VS 2008 hxcomp.exe is a part of VS 2008 SDK version 1.0. Note, the latest version VS 2008 SDK doesn't contain hxcomp.exe, so you need to install version 1.0! It is probably possible to install version 1.0 and then the latest version over it.
  • For VS 2005 hxcomp.exe is a part of VS 2005 SDK.
  • For VS .NET 2003 hxcomp.exe is a part of VSHIK 2003.
  • For VS .NET 2002 hxcomp.exe is a part of VSHIK 2002 (Visual Studio Help Integration Kit v2.1).


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