VBdocman - Generator of Technical Documentation for Visual Basic 6

VBdocman is a program for the quick automatic generation of technical documentation from your Visual Basic 6 source code files.

VBdocman parses the Visual Basic source code, reads the comments and automatically creates the table of contents, index, topics, cross-references, and context sensitive help.

The format of output documentation is fully configurable by user. Predefined formats are HTML Help, Help 2, HTML, WinHelp and RTF.

VBdocman contains very sophisticated comment editor which supports JavaDoc comments.

VBdocman main window

VBdocman works as an add-in with MS Visual Basic 6.0 (only inside Visual Studio 6, not with VBA in MS Office ). After invoking a simple dialog through main menu and (in the simplest case) clicking one button, the specified output documentation is generated. All interesting links such as Applies To, Methods, Properties, Events, table of contents and index are created automatically. In large projects, this will save many days of boring tedious work. VBdocman can also extract additional descriptions from the Visual Basic source code comments when special tags are used.

See VBdocman features in detail.

Why you should use VBdocman

Documentation is important

If you are a professional Visual Basic applications developer, you know how important technical documentation is.

  • You cannot distribute ActiveX controls without detailed API documentation.
  • Good documentation is required by all serious companies, projects and customers.
  • Good documentation helps maintain the application, communicates information within the team
  • Good documentation will reduce the time spent on technical support with customers.

Creating documentation is difficult and boring task

Most programmers don't like to write documentation for a variety of reasons. They find writing documentation boring, time consuming, irritating, and error-prone. Too often the documentation is written long after the programmer has completely finished writing the program. Errors occur because the programmer forgets lots of small details.

VBdocman can help you

It takes several days or even weeks to complete the documentation, especially when cross-reference links are also used (technical documentation for VBdocman has 788 topics and 4188 cross-reference links). VBdocman can solve all these problems quickly, by creating concise written documentation from your Visual Basic source code.

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