Help & Manual (H&M) is a help authoring system which can be used in conjunction with VSdocman. There are several benefits when you generate API documentation to H&M format first and then you publish final documentation in H&M.

With H&M you can generate some additional output formats not supported in VSdocman, e.g. PDF and old Winhelp (.hlp).

H&M is one of the leading help authoring tools on the market. Many companies already use it for general purpose documentation. So it is natural to unify the creation of API and end-user documentation.

The recommended way of authoring with H&M is to create one master documentation in H&M. Then you generate API documentation with VSdocman and include it into the master documentation. This needs to be done only once. After that, you can generate API documentation with VSdocman any time, without need to open H&M. When the help is ready to be published, just open master document in H&M and publish it. VSdocman already comes with preset master documentation. It is located in Templates\HaM\MSDN_master_project\MasterProject.hmxp. It contains detailed instructions how to use it.

This master documentation and API documentation generated by VSdocman look like MSDN library and contain live links to members in MSDN. Moreover, if published as VS help (.HxS), it supports F1 context help. You will need Help & Manual Professional 5.0.5 or higher. Your final documentation will consist of two parts:

1.General info such as Introduction, use cases, license info, company info etc. This part can be generated also by VSdocman but you will probably create it in H&M. The master project contains mentioned topics.

2.API documentation. This is generated by VSdocman and included in this master project as sub-project under its own chapter.



Distribution Policy

You can distribute your documentation with HelixoftHelpReg.exe utility only if you are registered user of VSdocman. You cannot distribute HelixoftHelpReg.exe if you are using evaluation (trial) or beta version of VSdocman.

Registered users can distribute HelixoftHelpReg.exe royalty-free but only with documentation generated by VSdocman or with documentation which contains parts generated by VSdocman.

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