Go to Tools - VSdocman menu or press VSdocman button on standard toolbar. VSdocman dialog appears, select Options pane. Set Comment Editor - Others page.

This dialog allows you to set some options of comment editor.

Word wrap in source code

If checked, the text from editor will be wrapped in a source code to the specified length.

Show $EOL$ as new line. Write new line as $EOL$

If checked, the following applies.

During reading source code comments to editor (on editor startup) all new lines in source code comments are ignored and replaced by spaces in comment editor. All occurrences of $EOL$ in source code are replaced by new lines in comment editor. This mainly applies when old @-style comments are used. In XML comments, <para> tag is used for paragraph delimiting instead of $EOL$ macro.

The reverse process is applied when writing comments from editor to source code (OK or Apply button was pressed). Every new line in editor is replaced by $EOL$ in source code.

These options should be used carefully if you have manually formatted your source code and don't want it to be reformatted.


The following options define how editable areas in WYSIWYG editor will be highlighted. For better readability, you can highlight editable regions with a toolbar button in the editor.

Editable region border color

A color of dotted border around editable region.

Non-editable area background color

A background color of non-editable areas. It should be a darker color not to distract user's attention from editable regions.

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