VBdocman Tags

VBdocman parses special tags when they are embedded within a VBdocman comment. These tags enable you to autogenerate a complete, well-formatted documentation from your source code. The tags start with an "at" sign (@) and are case-sensitive, they must be typed with the uppercase and lowercase letters as shown. A tag must start at the beginning of a line (after any leading spaces) or it is treated as a normal text. By convention, group tags with the same name together. For example, put all @see tags together.

Supported tags are:

Tag Meaning
@see Specifies See Also list.
@example Specifies Examples list.
@same Takes comment from some other object.
@param Describes function parameter.
@set Describes settings for parameter.
@return Describes return value.
@rem Remarks.
@author Author.
@version Version.
@revision Revision date.
@includesource Whether to include source code in documentation.
user-defined User-defined tags.


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