Warning: The dead link ...


When compiling the documentation, the following messages appear in the progress dialog:

Warning: The dead link 'LLL' was found in 'MMM' member of 'CCC' module.

The documentation is generated.


This is not a fatal error. It appears every time the link is to be created to the target which does not exist in the resulting documentation. In this case, only text which is not a link is created.

There are several reasons why the target does not exist:

  1. The link in the VBdocman comment in relevant tags (@see, @same, ...) is misspelled.
  2. The link is correct but the target is not included in the documentation because:

See also Troubleshooting: Topics Not Created.

There are two reasons why the link is created:

  1. It is explicitly defined in VBdocman comment by user using the relevant tags (@see, @same, ...)
  2. It is created automatically. When VBdocman compiles member MMM (method, property, event, variable, constant) of some class or form CCC, it automatically creates Applies To list of links to the classes and forms containing this member. At least it should contain CCC class or form. As described in point 2. above, there is a possibility that CCC is not included in documentation. This is the most common reason for the warning.


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