Output Options

Go to Add-Ins -> VBdocman menu or press VBdocman button on standard toolbar. Options dialog appears. Set Output tab.

In the upper frame specify output folder where generated file(s) are to be stored. Note, when you generate HTML with Java documentation, don't use output path with whitespaces (as in the figure above)! Java has problems with such paths and you will get an error or no content will be loaded when you view generated documentation.

In the bottom frame there is a list of all available templates. Template determines the form of output documentation. User can make his own templates to define new formats. VBdocman already contains these formats: *.hlp, *.chm, *.html, *.rtf and *.xml, each in several variants. Selecting a template shows its description on the right side.

User can specify the folder where the templates are located. The default is "\Templates" folder in VBdocman installation folder.

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