If you are a professional VB applications developer, you know how important technical documentation is. It is required by all serious companies, projects and customers. It helps to maintain the application, communicate within the team and it is also necessary when distributing for example ActiveX controls. However, most programmers don't like to write documentation because it is boring, time consuming and errors generating work. In many cases documentation is written after finishing the program when a programmer forgot lots of details. It takes several days or even weeks to complete it, especially when cross-reference links are also used (technical documentation for VBdocman takes 993 topics and 2757 cross-reference links).

VBdocman is a program for automatic generating of technical documentation from your Visual Basic source files with just a few mouse clicks. It parses the source code and it automatically creates table of contents, index, topics, cross-references and context sensitive help. It also serves as an comment editor. The format of output documentation is fully configurable by user. The predefined output formats are (in several variants):

The user is allowed to define his own format for any ASCII based document such as LATEX, custom HTML and others.

VBdocman works as an add-in into MS Visual Basic 6.0. After invoking simple dialog through main menu and (in the simplest case) clicking one button, the specified output documentation is generated. It automatically creates all interesting links such as Applies To, Methods, Properties, Events, table of contents and index. In bigger projects, only this saves many days of boring work. Documentation can be edited then and additional description can be given there e.g. See Also, Examples links, object, method, property or event description, parameters description etc. VBdocman allows to add even this description automatically by extracting it from the source code comment from special tags. It works similarly as JavaDoc system. But, user is not forced to write comments manually, VBdocman adds it itself just by two mouse clicks. All necessary tags are added and then user fills in just short description to them. Project groups are also supported. In addition, VBdocman provides user-friendly comment editor. The types of information that can be extracted are as follows:

Advantages of such commenting are great:

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