Compulsory macros

They must be defined by user because VBdocman uses their values during compilation.

Macro Meaning
$SPLIT$ Flag indicating whether all members have its own file. If set to "0", then everything will be in one file, if "1" then every part of documentation has its own file.
$MEMBER-EXT$ File extension of member file.
$INDEX-EXT$ File extension of index file.
$CONTENTS-EXT$ File extension of contents file.
$PROJECT-EXT$ File extension of documentation project file.
$vbdoc-description$ A description of current template which is shown in VBdocman dialog.
$vbdoc-method-body$ Definition of method documentation.
$vbdoc-function-body$ Definition of function documentation.
$vbdoc-property-body$ Definition of property documentation.
$vbdoc-event-body$ Definition of event documentation.
$vbdoc-variable-body$ Definition of variable documentation.
$vbdoc-constant-body$ Definition of constant documentation.
$vbdoc-object-body$ Definition of object (class) documentation.
$vbdoc-stdmodule-body$ Definition of standard module documentation.
$vbdoc-form-body$ Definition of form documentation.
$vbdoc-index-body$ Definition of index.
$vbdoc-contents-body$ Definition of contents.
$vbdoc-project-body$ Definition of documentation project.
$vbdoc-title-body$ Definition of documentation title page.
$vbdoc-exec-after$ MS DOS commands which are to be executed after compilation has been done. This is useful to define some additional operations such as files renaming, copying or executing some external application.
$vbdoc-help-file$ Name of the resulting help file.
$EOL$ End of line sequence for given documentation format.
$CODE$ and $END-CODE$ Start and end of source code block for given documentation format.
$LS$ $SL$ $LE$ $EL$ Link.
$IMG$ and $GMI$ Inline image.

Table of strings to be replaced. It is sequence of strings delimited by space. First string will be replaced by second, third by fourth and so on. If you need to have space in some of these strings, use $CHR32$. This macro need not to be defined.

All text (not defined in template file) which is between $REPLACE-ON$ and $REPLACE-OFF$ macros will be replaced. It is useful for implementing escape characters, e.g. "&lt" for "<" in HTML templates.

See also VBdocman macro language.

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