VBdocman Comment Editor

VBdocman Comment Editor is a graphical tool for editing VBdocman comments. VBdocman comments can be edited directly in the source code but sometimes this can be a difficult task. For example using @set or @see tags can lead to errors. Even with simple comments it is not comfortable to update them when something has changed.

Comment editor can significantly help in documentation process. It allows to edit comments without any knowledge of VBdocman tags and it assures consistency with actual source code state as well. With comment editor user can easily edit all fields in comment, automatically update changed parameters of methods and their settings, select available cross-references from a list and so on.

Editor reads your VBdocman comments and at the end (by pressing OK or Apply button) it writes the changes back into source code comments. Thus you can combine manual and graphical comment editing as you want. Comment editor always produces correct output and it may reorder your tags written manually. This however, does not affect the final documentation. If the Comment editor is invoked on object without VBdocman comment, it is automatically filled by default VBdocman comment for that object.

To invoke Comment Editor

In the code window select the object you want to document. Click right mouse button, the pop-up menu appears. Press Commen Editor item to start Comment editor.


For more details see the following topics about comment editor:

User-defined fileds
Source code view

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