@set Tag

Adds an argument settings to the settings section. A VBdocman comment may contain any number of @set tags.


@set parameter-name constant-name constant-value constant-description

parameter-name ... name of an argument for which the value setting is described.

constant-name ... argument value name.

constant-value ... argument value.

constant-description ... description of that value.

The description may be continued on the next line. This tag is used in a method, function, property or event comment when some arguments are used. It describes possible setting for specified parameter. Every possible value requires one @set tag. Only 3 arguments per comment block can have specified settings, others are ignored. You can describe settings for arguments you want (e.g. arg1, arg3, arg6 in parameter-name field). If after them compiler encounters @set tag with parameter-name=arg2, this tag is ignored.


'Color of player.
'@param        color Integer, color of player.
'@set color 1 1 This player is player 1.
'@set color 2 2 This player is player 2.
Public Property Let myColor(ByVal color As Integer)
End Property

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