Adding Images in Documentation

Sometimes you may want to insert images in your documentation, e.g. screenshots of the forms. You can do this by $IMG$ and $GMI$ macros directly in the comments.

'@rem This is image $IMG$myImage.gif$GMI$
Public Function getCell(ByVal x As Integer, ByVal y As Integer) As Integer
End Function

Enter file name of the picture you want to include between $IMG$ and $GMI$ macros. They work well in HTML, CHM and RTF templates. Image will appear in resulting documentation on the place of calling those macros, exactly like this logo.

All image files must be located in the output directory during compilation. They must be distributed together with documentation file as well, except for HTML Help (CHM) format. CHM format contains all images packed in its file so you need to distribute only chm file.

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