Adding New Line Directly in Comments

The most common requirement for formatting the text is the ability to insert new line in the resulting document. Putting the text in the new line in comment doesn't help. Both HTML and RTF ignore new line in their source text and continue to display text on the same line. HTML inserts one space before this text only. Therefore, VBdocman comes with predefined $EOL$ macro, which is defined in all templates and it provides inserting the new line. It is defined as follows:

Template type
Macro definition
HTML and CHM $EOL$ <br>
RTF and HLP $EOL$ \line_ (red underscore stands for space)



'Returns score for specified turn.$EOL$
'This is on new line.
'@rem This is on the first line $EOL$ and this is on the second one.
Public Function evaluateTurn(ByVal x As Integer, ByVal y As Integer) As Integer
End Function. 

Note, $EOL$ macro can be also applied to the title page text in the Options dialog.

For more information see Using Macros Directly in Comments.

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